Optional Extras

Make your building your own with our optional extras, from insulation and lining to wood burners and sedum roofs.

Can't see something you're after? Please feel free to get in touch to discuss.
All optional extras are priced on request, unless otherwise stated. Prices include VAT.

Insulation & Lining

Insulate and line your building to get the most out of your space all through the year, an insulated building will keep your building cool in the summer heat, and warm in the colder months.

We insulate your walls, floor and ceiling ensuring you get the best possible results.

To insulate we use 40mm Celotex boards in your floor and ceiling, and in your roof we use double sided aluminium foil, double layer bubble sheets.

We then offer two options for lining your building:

Option 1 is with 12mm T&G boards from floor to ceiling

Option 2 is T&G below a dado rail, and hardboard above

Both options include skirting board and back frames on doors and windows.

We also offer an upgrade to 90mm Celotex, this upgrade also requires the framework upgrade from 2"x2" to 2"x4".

Wood Burners

Our wood burners are hand built to be the perfect accompaniment for your building, creating a cosy atmosphere along with heating your building.

We provide the full service, supplying your wood burner, fitting kit and installation.

Our handmade wood burner includes a glass panel in the door, the burner itself will sit upon a hand crafted slate base, surrounded by heat protection for your walls and the twin lined flue will exit your building.

  • Wood burner dimensions height 540mm to top of plate, 590mm to top of flue collar, width max 370mm, depth 440mm.


External Painting

To protect your buildings from the elements we offer a painting service with a few options.

The products we use include Dulux, which is a water based paint available in a beautiful range of colours, and Bird Brand Wood Preserve, an oil based preserve available in 6 shades.

We also knot treat your building with Colron Knotting Solution to help prevent knot bleeding.

Our 4 layer painting system provides your building with two primary coats of knot treatment, before a further two coats of the paint or wood preserve colours of your choice.

Internal Painting

Internal painting includes your walls, floor, ceiling, roof trusses, back of doors and windows, skirting boards.

Here we also use the same products as per the external painting, Dulux paint and Bird Brand Wood Preserve.

Chassis and Wheels


Upgrade your chassis to a steel working chassis, allowing your building to move from location to location.

We offer two types of chassis depending on the way you need to transport your building will determine the type of chassis you require.

Both chassis can be towed around your land but are not for legal road use.

Please note that size restrictions may apply to a building on a working chassis.

  • Standard Working Chassis: has all 4 wheels under the chassis and allows for the building to be put onto a trailer for road transportation.
  • Classic Working Chassis: wheels are to the side of the building giving you the traditional look of a Shepherds Hut, these chassis can also be put onto a trailer for road transportation, but are usually too wide to do so.
  • We can also build your building onto a road legal trailer if required. Please enquire for info.


All of our wheels are locally cast Iron, upon a fixed wooden and steel chassis.

These chassis and wheels are for display purposes only, if you wish to have a working chassis please see our Chassis options.

  • 16" Wheels (x4): our standard wheel included in all Shepherd Hut Quotes unless stated otherwise.
  • 22" Wheels (x4)
  • 22" Wheels (x2) & 27" Wheels (x2): create the traditional look of a Shepherds Hut with our most popular option of the large and small wheels combined.
  • 27" Wheels (x4)


We offer everything your building could need internally, if you can't see the item you are looking for please enquire for info.

A few popular internal features include:

  • Shelving
  • Bedframes
  • Bunk Beds
  • Fold Down Tables
  • Kitchens
  • Seating Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Oak Floor


Verandas are a beautiful addition to any building, our popular sizes are 3ft and 5ft but any size can be accommodated.

Various styles available to create the building you require, please enquire for info on the veranda you may like.


Need electricity in your building? Not a problem, we can install electrics for you, this will consist of the following all placed to your own design; single and double sockets (interior & exterior), tails for lights (interior & exterior) light switches, fuse box, trip switch and external mains hook-up point.

Please note: an electrician is required after installation to connect your building to your home fuse box.

Door Options

All our doors are handmade in our workshop using traditional mortise and tenon joinery methods.

All doors include heavy duty iron mongered hinges and handle, and a 3 lever mortise lock.

Butt hinges and 5 lever mortise locks are also available.

Single doors are 2'6" and available as double doors of 4" (2" per door) unless otherwise stated.

If you require a door of a different width please enquire.

All glazed doors can be provided in both toughened glass and double glazing.

Optional Extra

Standard Door

Fully clad mortise and tenon single door

Optional Extra

Half Glazed Door

Half glazed, mortise and tenon door (4mm glass)

Optional Extra

3/4 Glazed Door

3/4 glazed, mortise and tenon door (4mm toughened glass)

Optional Extra

Fully Glazed Door

Fully glazed, mortise and tenon door (4mm toughened glass)

Optional Extra

Stable Door

Stable door with square feature window (4mm glass)

Optional Extra

Half Glazed Stable Door

Half glazed Stable door(4mm glass)

Optional Extra

Country Style Door

Available on any style of glazed door, a variety of styles offered

Optional Extra

Heavy Duty Double Garage Doors

Double heavy duty full clad mortise and tenon garage doors of 6'.

Optional Extra

Bi Folding Doors

Any door option above, with the exception of the stable doors and garage doors can be upgrade to create a bi folding door

Optional Extra

Tri Fold Door

Any door option above, with the exception of the stable doors and garage doors can be upgrade to create a bi folding door

Window Options

All our windows are handmade in our workshop using traditional mortise and tenon joinery methods.

Please see popular windows sizes and options below, if you require a window of a different size please enquire.

All our windows can be provided in both toughened glass and double glazing.

Most sizes of windows can be opening, we use black heavy duty iron mongered hinges and handles on all our windows.

Optional Extra

2' x 2' window

Optional Extra

3' x 2' window

Optional Extra

Country Style Windows

Optional Extra

Casement Windows include a 2"x4" frame

Optional Extra

Window Sills (exterior and interior)

Optional Extra

Flower Boxes

Framework Upgrade

Upgrading your framework is considered usually to allow for other items to be added to your building.

The upgrade from 40mm Celotex insulation to 90mm or to allow your building to have a pan tile roof for example.

We replace the buildings 2"x2" framework with 2"x4" giving the building more structural strength.

Roof Options


Our standard roof covering is black polyester roofing felt.

This felt is deisgned to provide waterproof longevity and not rip or crack over time, a higher quality felt than standard green mineral shed felt.

Felt Tiles

Heavy duty square butt shingles, will outlast a standard felt roof and also have the aesthetic appeal of looking smart.

Available in Green, Red, and Slate.

Not available on Shepherd Hut roofs.

Sedum Roof

A natural living sedum roof will transform your building, these beautiful roofs encourage wildlife such as butterflies to your garden, as well as flowering and looking beautiful in the spring and summer.

They provide excellent insulation to your building, and contrary to popular belief are almost maintenance free.

Only requiring a brief watering if the summer months are particularly hot for an extended period of time.

Tin Roof

Our corrugated tin roof can be applied to both our Shepherd Hut curved roof, and pent or apex roofs.

The tin is corrugated and galvanised, and will last the lifetime of your building with zero maintenance.

Cladding Materials

Our buildings are typically clad with our 22mm Scandinavian redwood T&G, however we do also offer 15mm T&G, 18mm featheredge cladding, pressure treated (green) also known as tanalised T&G and a few hard wood options in Cedar and Oak.

Multiple Purchases

Discounts available on multiple purchases, please enquire for info.